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How and why I created Innate Brows

  • January 01, 2022
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  • How  and why I created Innate Brows

    This story that I am just about to tell you happens in London, a few years ago, when I was at the beginning of my career in microblading. 

    It is just a simple, random day at work. I am waiting for my client who is traveling from Saudi Arabia just to have her brows done with myself. Feeling very flattered to be honest, knowing that she comes all that way just for me. 


    I am just getting the consent form ready as she walks in the salon extremely excited. I look at her and I remain speechless at how beautiful she is.    Beautiful green bright eyes, long dark hair and a pair of very bushy eyebrows. I welcome her nicely in the treatment room and as we talk through the consultation I notice that her natural hair flow from the brows it is very unusual, sometimes that I have never seen before . The truths is that these brows are really suiting her perfectly but they were quite spars on the tail so a little definition will make an amazing change on her. 

    I was thinking: I will give this girl the most amazing and perfect eyebrows ever with Phibrows technique. 

    However, as I am doing her shaping with the golden ratio divider, I notice more and more that the hair flow is extremely new to me and so different that what I am used to see daily. 

    After about 30 minutes, the shape and symmetry were ready and I showed her the mirror for the final approval of the shape from my beautiful client. 

    Beautiful, she says! Exactly how I pictured it. And is the time when I am thinking again, how perfect her brows will look once I finish with the microblading hair strokes. I am starting blading and I am blading the lines as knew so far that is the best look and the most flawless result. As I do the first hair stroke, I am thinking.... wow! Her hair really is different.... keep going Laura, you know what you are doing, I said to myself. Yes, I was talking to myself, a kind of encouragement.

    I am doing her brows with so much passion and paying a lot of attention to all the details as usual. Finishing one brow, moving to the next one and before I know the eyebrows are finished. 

    I am really, really excited to see the final result and also my client doesn’t have patience left, she is really looking forward in seeing the final result. 

    As I am taking off the colour mask off her eyebrows, I am surprised to not feel the same excitement as I always feel with all my clients. I started thinking, and thinking again and again what I could have done better here. 

    I give the mirror to my client and I am slightly worried to see her reaction and certainly I am very careful at not showing how I feel to my client. 

    My client’s reaction was so amazing, she was tremendously surprised on how natural the “ lines “ look . Overall, very very happy. She couldn’t believe her eyes how beautiful her brows look. Along with this reaction from her, I am starting to feel relieved and somehow more confident . 

    Afterwards, when my client left, I went to check the pictures I have taken to see what I did wrong with her brows or actually to find the answer to my question which was constantly rolling in my head :” how could I’ve done these brows any better?” I  felt that her brows were absolutely perfect and now they are not looking as good ....

    By all means.... I didn’t have the answer on that day .... 

    Other random days go by and a few weeks later I am noticing on a few clients a pretty similar hair flow like that client from Saudi. Along the way, I have realised how unique every human being is, and not only by their features but also by their hair flow in their eyebrows. I believe that everyone deserves to embrace their imperfections and actually love them, because those imperfections are actually perfect. They should all feel beautiful exactly how they are by nature, and us... as artists, we shouldn’t try to convince them to wear something that they don’t identify with.  

    I decided to use the rules that were given to us by Branko Babic himself, but in a different way. I had to basically break these Golden Rules in order to be able to give those clients the most natural eyebrows possible.

    So the first golden rule that had to be broken was in the head of the brow. The first head strokes MUST now touch point 4. No need for transition in this case, as we blend upper strokes along with the strokes flowing from the head of the brow.  

    Probably you are asking yourselves right now, :’’ but T3 is determining the spine line, so if we don’t have it how do we determine the spine?’’ 

    Well... with Innate Brows the Spine will be determined by one of the headstrokes. 

    Furthermore, the strokes from the top of the brow, should now flow convex, starting at the top of the line and flowing inside of the brow. 

    Thoughts may wary, but I think some rules are nothing more than old habits, which artists are hesitant to change. You cannot innovate unless you do something which hasn’t been done. And, to do that you need to break the status quo - the rules that have been laid out for you from the beginning.  If you continue to do the same thing, over and over again, work can’t offer your customers your best results always. To keep the excitement alive and continue to enjoy what you are doing , you must go beyond the boundaries.

    Therefore, all the rules from the basic pattern, changed or left behind are the definition of Innate Brows. 

    Innate meaning is something that you are born with, inborn, natural and I think that reflects perfectly this pattern. After this technique has been presented at the Masterclas 2018 it has become available to worldwide students and this course can be taken online or as a live class. 

    More informations you can find in the section : Advanced Trainings - Innate Brows on my website. 

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