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Laura has advanced her skills quickly becoming one of the Phibrows Masters in the United Kingdom, being also the creator of one of the newest microblading technique - Innate Brows. Despite her amazing success with teaching all over the world she enjoys tremendously sitting down and working with clients, to transform their brows beautifully according to their facial features.

A perfectionist by nature, she has such precision and a talent for refined, subtle hints of definition, shading, and color theory, that you can see it all come alive in her work. Her love of enhancing natural beauty while complimenting unique facial features of all types is widely accredited and she is obsessed with creating the most life like, realistic looking brows possible.

She sees every eyebrow as a piece of art and she will take her utmost time designing and making sure everything is absolutely perfect and customisedto each persons unique features. Every little detail matters and that's what she loves about being a Phibrows Master the most.

Laura C is dedicated to create beautiful eyebrows in her studio in central London as well as teaching all over the United Kingdom and worldwide. Working with celebrities like Michelle Keegan, Lydia Bright, Jessica Wright and many others from all over the world including USA, Spain, Iran, Rusia, Sweeden, Switzerland etc. including some royal family members and delivering them her stunning eyebrow transformations and microblading results that are featured in the press and glossies.

The artist behind the blade

Laura is a wife and a mother of 2, a boy and a girl. Besides being a full time microblading artist and teacher, she loves laughing and bantering with friends, spending quality time with family, practicing yoga and meditation, cooking, collecting paintings and traveling.

She is huge on woman empowerment and most importantly, she keeps it real and is the kind of friend that will tell you when you look like you haven't slept this century or when there is lipstick on your teeth.

She loves being a free spirit and having free artistic range. Art and laughter are forms of expression and the kind she fully enjoys.

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