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Phibrows Training Programme

  • February 02, 2022
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                  Dear students and future students,

   I am writing this post regarding Craft Master Application and your education through this platform. Despite the fact that I always explain to my students that this platform is one of the most amazing tools that we offer to you all who are taking our Phibrows Training, I would also like to share some ideas that I am certain that it will help you through the process of becoming a Phibrows microblading artist and will increase the productivity of your learning.

There are 11 levels for each student to pass after the 2 days live course. Each level has a certain task to complete, some easier than others.The first 8 levels consist of practicing on skin simulation ( latex) and the other 3 levels consist of work on live model. A common situation which I see among my students is that they do not pay enough attention to this fantastic platform where we have so many videos and     

 Craft Master contains informations stored to which you'll have access for 6 month during your training and it is an absolute great resource for learning and going back to it over and over again. After you graduate, you will have unlimited access to the lessons .

The 2 days microblading course is not enough for students to start working on live models straight away, so that is why we communicate daily, so I can see their progress and guide them to eventually be prepared fully for working on live model once they finish level 8. This application allows me to monitor your progress and with the constructive feedback I will  help you to become one of the best Phibrows Artist. 

Using this platform and system will help you learn how to see your mistakes while working on latex and once you finish these levels you will be 100% ready to work on live model without any fear. It is important to have the knowledge very well implemented into your hand and mind so that eventually it will become a skill.

   If you understand the hair flow, the spine line, the transition and all other parts of the brow you can trust yourself  that you are ready to apply this knowledge on a real brow with great outcome. Trying to work on real model immediately after the course it isn’t ok and I would strongly disagree with this.  You can make many mistakes without you knowing or noticing these mistakes.

   Microblading is a skill that requires lots of practice, devotion and consistency. The average time for the student to pass all the levels is approximately 2-3 months with daily practice. Focus on one level at a time. For example, when you do level 1, watch the videos from level 1 and once you consider it’s good enough, you submit it and only then you move onto the next level, which is level 2. In the meantime you will receive feedback, and if your submission was good enough, you will pass to the next level. If it requires more practice, I will give you clear explanations what needs redoing and why. Same applies with all levels.

   Bear in mind that as you move up the levels, you will need to make sure that all the previous levels are still done correctly. I must mention that students start moving through the first 8 levels quite quickly as we start doing so during the 2 days training . Some levels are harder than others but I would advise each student to set themselves certain targets. For example for level 1 we set a target of passing it in 3 days, for level 2 in 5 days and so on for all other levels until level 8.

   For level 9 - Creating the Shape . This is a level where a lot of time and effort is spent here. My advice here is that while you practice latex levels, feel free to practice shaping on a real model if you have the opportunity . The most challenging part for me it was the shaping on model. It was my weakest point, but guess what? I decided to turn it into my strongest point, I practiced over and over and over again. Don’t give up, eventually it all adds up and becomes easier. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Practice makes perfect. 

   Working on live model for the first time it is very stressful but just remember to stay focused on your task. All those fears, how will I do it? What if I go too deep? What if I ruin her face? What if.... and so on...

   Remember all your levels, one level at a time, stretch the skin and enjoy microblading on real skin.  You will also need to learn to detach yourself from the fact that you are hurting the client. Just focus on the job to be done in the best way, and make sure you prepare the client that it will be a little bit painful but not unbearable . Don't chat with the client during the procedure as this takes a lot of focus away from your task. I don't expect from my students to have perfect work right from the start, it is a journey of learning together and we must enjoy that but, I do expect to see consistency in applying the levels learned onto a real eyebrow.

   What will I look out for the most in your work to become fully qualified? The shape and the symmetry, which is, in my opinion one of the most important aspects when it comes to brows . Precision of the hairs strokes including the direction how they are placed, the depth of the work and how clean the work is done. You might say that this is actually everything, but let me assure you that these are the basic things you need to master to become qualified. I don’t look precisely at one single hairs or two but at the whole work and it’s final look. I also want to see that you are able to spot your own mistakes and willing to learn and improve from them. 

   If the work is good enough you can get certificate with your first model. If the work needs improving, I will advise what needs correcting and I will also ask you to have a go at another model. At this point once you go onto another model, you will notice your confidence getting better also. 

   I wish you the best of luck in your journey and remember that great success doesn't come easy but it will all be worth it so instead focusing on the destination, please stay connected in your journey. Don't compare yourself with anyone, instead be the best version of yourself. You are an artist, and artists have individual touch to their art. 

  With love, 

Phiacademy Master Uk 

Laura Ciordas  

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