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Bold Brows perfection training

Bold Brows perfection training
Bold Brows perfection training
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2015 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBrows
2018 - PhiAcademy Master - InnateBrows (created by myself)
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBright
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - Powder Brows
2022 - PhiAcademy Grand Master of Honour


Thank you for your interest in signing up for PhiBrows training with Phiacademy
Grand Master of Honour Laura Ciordas.

The training is a 1 day course followed by craftmaster support, our online platform for learning!

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This training is dedicated for already qualified microblading artists and dedicated for you to learn how to perfect your technique using the sought-after Bold Brows patterns.

The Bold Brows pattern is very different from the classic style due to the lower hairs that are drawn with soft and curved movements and by adding additional small hairs to obtain a better volume effect on the eyebrows. Every clients face is different so as a result we must always follow the natural hairs and use the matching pattern to get a natural result.

Regardless of trends, tastes are different and customers can choose their preferences in terms of patterns. Bold pattern is best for the clients who prefer a bolder brows look with a fuller effect. This pattern has been modified for many types of eyebrows and it contains different types of spine lines for you to practice. Bold (for individuals who have lots of hair and it is necessary to add some partially), Soft bold (for a softer look), Extreme bold (for men), Asia spine ( for asian types of eyebrows), Spine 6 bold (for more defined tail of eyebrow).

I invite you to leave your comfort zone and discover this art of microblading, this technique is easy to learn if you put the effort and practice into it.

CraftMaster application includes videos that explain step by step how to create bold brows and how to adjust your technique to different spine directions.
It has videos on live models work, lectures about skin types, skin problems and client’s consultation. There are different levels in the app which need to be passed for you to achieve your bold brows certificate and logo.

Starter kit contains:
- 4 x Phibrows Disposable Tool - Eccentric
- 1 x Skin Candy ( 50 pcs)
- 1 x Skin Simulation ( blank)
- 1 x block tonic wipes
- 1 Phi Asept wipes ( 20 pieces)
- 1 self-adhesive pigment container(50pcs)
- 1 Higi Mask
- 1 Pencil Shape

The live Bold Brows perfection Training is £1400 which includes 3 months Craftmaster support. I will work with you to master your technique and develop your work to a higher level. I will also be available to answer any questions/concerns you have after the 3 months.

In the morning we will work on latex learning about different spine directions and how to master the soft “S” strokes. In the afternoon you will work on your model.
I will help you identify the correct spine and how to complete the full brow using bold brows technique.


If you would like to be part of this training please complete the registration details below and return them to me.

Why Choose Phiacademy?

World renowned Phi Academy is dedicated to bring the best education possible to its students! We focus on targeting the quality this service requires, both in knowledge and technique! Phi Academy Masters follow very specific high caliber work methods and standards. These are taught through our high quality education.
Phi Academy Masters controls the quality of its student's work and provides ultimate support to them and their clients. Phi artists never stop working on themselves as they can always progress within the academy. This is your opportunity to join thousands of other Masters worldwide who’ve also experienced the Phi difference and have proudly chosen this life changing career. Phi Academy prides itself on having the best artists in the world


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