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Innate Brows

Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
Innate Brows
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Laura Ciordas

Grand Master of Honour

2015 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBrows
2018 - PhiAcademy Master - InnateBrows (created by myself)
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBright
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - Powder Brows
2022 - PhiAcademy Grand Master of Honour

Thank you for your interest in signing up for Innate Brows Perfection Course with Phiacademy Grand Master of Honour Laura Ciordas.

Innate Brows is the most up to date advanced stroke pattern in the semi- permanent makeup industry created by Laura C master of the most
experienced microblading academy in the world, Phiacademy.

Thanks for reading

Innate Brows pattern has been designed to bring a new approach into the microblading field to be able to offer our clients the most realistic and organic look by using this special way of placing the hair strokes in their eyebrows.
Majority of our clients nowadays want the most subtle change and for this is necessary to be familiar with this technique.

Perfection training is available for artists from all over the world who want to learn a new technique and improve skills.
This training also includes shading with machine. There is no need to be a PhiBrows student or artist for taking the course but it is necessary to have previous experience with microblading. The course is not designed for beginners without any experience at all.

During training you will learn:
- New stroke patterns and a variety of head strokes
- Special shape of the brows
- All the spine lines ( Spine 3, Spine 6, Spine 5, Mid Spine and Male Brows).
- Different types of shading technique
- Work with blade and shade tool
- Information about the tools you will use for your work, about the skin, hygiene, and marketing.

Innate Brows method combined with shading has beautiful healed results and approximately half of the clients don't need a retouch.

With innate brows we break a few golden rules, but you will ask yourself : “Shouldn’t the rules not be broken?” The answer to this question will be: “If the rules are broken efficiently than yes, the rules can and should be broken in order to be able to offer our clients a more organic look for their eyebrows which they adore.

Grand Master of Honour Laura Ciordas offers also a 3 months support through Craft Master Application created by the master herself.

The time frame to complete the course is 3 months but Laura will continue supporting you with everything you need even after completing the course.
She also offers the possibility to shadow her if you wish after you have taken Innate Brows course and assist in her Innate Brows Courses.

You will need to submit your assignments for the review. To obtain your certificate you will have to complete all the levels in order to receive the certificate of achievement in Innate Brows and Innate Brows logo.

Master must assess your work within 24- 48 hours, except weekends and public holidays.

Enrolment pre-requisites:

You must be qualified in microblading. Please attach a copy of the certificate when applying.


Certificate of attendance after the live course.

Once you have completed both assignments on Craft Master, you will receive Certificate of achievement in Innate Brows by PhiAcademy.

Once qualified, the certificate will be posted to your selected address.


For registration you are required to provide following information:
COMPANY NAME (if applicable):


Kindest regards,
Grand Master of Honour Laura Ciordas


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