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Microblading advanced

Microblading advanced
Microblading advanced
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Grand Master of Honour

2015 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBrows
2018 - PhiAcademy Master - InnateBrows ( created by myself)
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - PhiBright
2020 - PhiAcademy Master - Powder Brows
2022 - PhiAcademy Grand Master of Honour


Thank you for your interest in attending the VIP microblading training with Grand Master of Honour Laura Ciordas. Laura has been a Master for PhiAcademy since 2015. Laura is also a Grand Master of Honour, Powder Brows Beginners and Perfection Training, Innate Brows Advanced Training, Bold Brows Advanced Training and PhiShading Advanced Training. Grand Master of Honour Laura introduced the world-renowned Innate Brows technique in PhiAcademy.

PhiAcademy by Branko Babic is the leading and most experienced beauty Academy in the world, its name is highly recognised and reputable in the industry of permanent makeup.

Thanks for readind

A Crucial part of the VIP training is that you will get full 1-1 attention. Only the BEST results are enough for you to start your career strongly. To achieve exactly this, you can get this Special Training Program.

The VIP microblading training is suitable flfor already existing artists who are looking to get the best skills possible. You can choose any VIP perfection course : Phishading, Innate Brows or Bold Brows.

Additionally if you are a beginner than you can choose our Basic VIP option.

Duration of the training : 1 day.

First part of the day consisting in the theory part of microblading, golden ration eyebrows shaping, hygiene, legislation, client consultation, promoting your business,
advances strokes pattern.

The second part of the day gives you the opportunity of working on a live model under Laura’s close supervision.

After the 1 day VIP course we will continue to monitor your progress and give you support through our online learning application CraftMaster. CraftMaster is our  unique learning platform to support you further in your career.

The entire programme consists of a few levels ( mini exams) to help you progress towards your microblading qualification supported by videos and lectures.

To explore the application please click on the link;

The total training fee for perfection VIP course is £2000 this includes the full kit worth £400 and also including Phibrows pigments.

Contents of the kit for Innate Brows VIP

- Self Adhesive Pigment Container (50 pcs)
- Disposable tools (20pcs)
- Latex (3 pcs)

-PhiShield Skin Candy (50 pcs)
-PhiWipes Makeup Block Tonic (1 pc)

- Premium Pigment Colours (Brown 1, 2, 3 - 2 pcs of each colour).

Content of the kit for Bold Brows VIP :
- 4 x Phibrows Disposable Tool - Eccentric
- 1 x Skin Candy ( 50 pcs)
- 1 x Skin Simulation ( blank)
- 1 x block tonic wipes
- 1 Phi Asept wipes ( 20 pieces)
- 1 self-adhesive pigment container(50pcs)
- 1 Higi Mask
- 1 Pencil Shape

Content of the kit Phishading VIP:
- 10 x U blade
- 10 x 3 round blade
- 10 x 5 round blade
- 10 x double blade
- 3 x Premium pigment
- 1 x Universal holder
- 1 x Skin Candy (aftercare)
- 1 x Latex practice sheet


After the course all students receive a Certificate of Attendance.

PhiBrows artist certificate is NOT received at the end of the second day of the course. Artist certificate is received when students have demonstrated satisfactory work for:
1. Drawing hair on a skin simulation
2. Drawing symmetry on a live model
3. Drawing hair on a live model.

The student has to pass all levels on Craft Master application.

Average graduation time is 2-3 months with daily practice of minimum half an hour. If the student will not spend enough time practising it may take even longer.

We ask our students to have realistic expectations about learning and perfecting the skill of microblading. Learning and perfecting this skill will take a lot of practice and determination.

Communication with Grand Master of Honour Laura continues in mobile application called CraftMaster, where students show their work and get feedback from Master.

Craft Master support is available for a period of 6 months. But Laura will always stay within a reach even after 6 months period.

After the certificate is issued (posted to home/business address), the new PhiBrows microblading artist is listed on PhiBrows global map and on Booking Phi Platform.

The Academy offers a constant development oportunity.
Becoming the Phibrows Artist is your first achievement if you are looking to start a completely new career.
Second achievement is becoming a Royal Artist of Microblading academy by Branko Babic and possibly a PhiAcademy Master one day.
By joining Phibrows you can be certain about your professional progression and development.


In this training everyone will have the ability
to learn the following;

Theoretical part that comprises the learning about:
1) Conditions of the work, the way in which we protect ourselves and clients together with our material
2) The manner of determination the skin incision depth as well as the pigment application
3) Calculating the shape according to the proportions of the face by using golden intersection compass (1.618)
4) Contraindications
5) Different post-treatment actions according to the various types of skin
6) Colour durability and maintenance
7) Introducing with the colours as well as their reflexion through the skin
8) Practical exercises of drawing the shape on the paper
9) Practical exercises of drawing hairs on the latex
10) Different hair stroke flow techniques

Demonstration of the technique with live models.
1) Practice of the preparation of shapes and symmetry on live models
2) Digital determination of the symmetry using PhiBrows mobile applica

Preparation for the class

Prior to attending the course students will be required to do home learning from the teaching material provided by Master Laura one week before the training.
Students have to allow 8-16 hours for this task.
This will include:
• Legislative background on tattooing
• Endorsing organisations
• Blood borne pathogens & Infection prevention and control
• Decontamination

Reading material will be e-mailed to students 3-7 days (after the group is formed) before the course..


If you would like to be a part of this unique life changing opportunity and join PhiBrows, please email us.

The availability is limited.

There will be a security deposit required to book a place.

We have prepared a short video about our training that can be watched following the link below.

I look forward in welcoming you in my VIP course community and work together to improve your skills.


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