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The 20 Minutes Rule

  • April 04, 2021
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  • The 20 Minutes Rule

    The 20 Minutes Rule

     I always believed that success isn’t about how you look in other people's eyes but how you feel about yourself once you have completed that task which leaded you one step closer to achieve your dream. It is more important how you feel about yourself every single day, rather than simply keep thinking on how others feel about you. This rule of 20 minutes I have discovered it myself when I was a Phibrows student and now I still follow it and I trust it will help you tremendously. 

    Why do I say this ? We all know that nowadays it is really difficult to remain focused on a certain task, being distracted by the busy life we are living. Trying to be the best we can in all our life aspects such as being a good wife, a good mother, a great leader or a good entrepreneur. Let's take a very simple example. You start a microblading course or a new job and you must constantly give some of your "little" time to be able to either finish that course or do your job better and better every day.  

    Days go by... TIC-TAC-TIC-TAC do not put enough effort into any of the above and you feel more and more guilty for not submitting that worksheet, that practice or that paperwork. Questions start raising in your head : What will ..X.. think of this? What will my partner think of me spending so much money on that course but it doesn't get me where I wanted ? You start doing some work , submit to your master and yet you are now progressing as fast as you thought. PhiAcademy has high standards but this is why all our students and artists are the most successful worldwide and along the journey you will have so many ups and downs. Sometimes you will feel like giving up and this is something that majority of Phiacademy's students experience. Frustration finds itself home in your brain as Phi Student and you will only realise that if you keep going, this only contributes in a positive way on you. 

    Even if things aren’t as you wanted them to be as soon as you wanted them to be this doesn't mean you must stop here. Take 20 minutes for yourself in which you can allow yourself to be upset and then start over. We all have different ways of doing this. I personally love taking a bath with candles while I reflect where I did wrong and what I need to do in order for me to be productive instead of being in this situation again. 

    Analise the problem

    Have a deep think and try seeing why this has happened and what can you learn from this moving forward. How can you change so that next time you won't end up not completing your tasks. What can be done differently ? How will you act next time ?

    Talk about it 

    I believe it is very important to talk about any problems or thoughts you have and how you feel about it. Talk about it with someone you truly trust as judgment and with someone who inspires you as a person and human in every way. I said that everyone has it's own way of dealing with these so do not feel guilty if you do not wish to talk about it. How about you play your favourite song, but play it louder than you normally would ? Dance it out ! Now it's the time to get back on track and start all over. Remember: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE OR POINTLESS TO START ALL OVER. Read that again. 

    Here is how 20 minutes rule can help you :

    Set yourself a time of the day when you can sit down on your own with no distractions and some nice, peaceful music.  Is that 5 am or midnight? Fine, be it ! Wake up, put the coffee on, sit down and get ready for the 20 minutes early morning practice or midnight practice, depending on when you have some noiseless moments. Do it every single day, make it part of your daily routine and be strict about it. If one day goes by and you do not complete this task then make sure you feel guilty. Once you start applying that in your daily routine, I promise you it will be a game changer !

    Failure is only a way on how you can prove that you can be stronger and how much effort you can put into achieving what you want. No success comes easy without major efforts in life, in anything we do.

    What was your biggest challenge in life?  How did you overcome it?

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